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Former Cardinal Matheny Retires

February 2, 2007

mike matheny 

mike matheny, former cardinal who has spent the last couple of seasons with the san francisco giants has retired because of lingering symptoms of post concussion syndrome.

the doctors did not and will not clear him fully healthy to play baseball so he retires after a 13 year major league career.

you might remember jim edmonds was suffering from the same conditions after he had a bad fall and banged his head on the track after going to catch a joe crede homerun when the cards played the whitesox during the 2006 season.

fortunately he recovered just in time to play in postseason. mike matheny was not so fortunat though.

this decision had to be made to secure a good quality of life for matheny and his family. its a no brainer, one’s health and well being is a lot more important than playing a game.

Matheny was never  a great player but he never was asked to be. he was always solid if not spectacular defensively with the cardinals and through out his career.

while with the cards, i always wanted someone to try to run on him so he can throw them out, especially on the strike’em out throw’em out plays.

he was not too shabby with the bat either, at least for a national league catcher; he got the job done and thats all he was asked to do offensively.

Matheny will always be remembered by cards fans as a solid player and a fan favorite. his career stats where: .239 avg/67 hr/443 rbi/.293 obp/.344 slg.

matheny also won four gold gloves during his 13 year career, three of those coming during his 4 year tenure with the cards (2000-2004). matheny started out his career in milwaukee in 1994 and played for the brewers for five seasons before spending the 1999 season with the blue jays. then he signed with the cards for four seasons. after that, he signed with the san francisco giants as a free agent and spent one full season with them. his 2006 season was cut really short by a couple of concussions and post concussion syndrome.

I think mike will be missed in the game of baseball but i hope one day, hopefully sooner than latter, he gets a job as a manager or a coach on a team because i think he would make a great one.

thank you mike matheny for everything that you have done on and off the baseball field and i hope you enjoy your retirement.

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