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On the offensive: the sixth spot

February 6, 2007

cyborg that plays rightfield 

so, let’s talk about the cyborg that plays rightfield. i dont have much to say about him.

one thing i do know is that don’t expect that much. what everyone thought to be a bad contract (me included) given to encarnacion now looks pretty managable.

the guy is not a superstar but he is not that bad either. he is a role player. he is very consistant over the entire season but he can be ice cold at times or scorching hot with the bat. his defense also comes and goes.

2006 stats: .278/19/79/6

that is about what he puts up every season. the stolen bases surprised me though; i kind of thought he had at least ten or he should have. for a guy with his speed, he should have double digit stolen bases every season, but he has not had more than 6 since 2002 when he had 19 with the florida marlins. all his other stats are right around his career norm.

encarnacion’s predicted 2007 stats: .276/18/78/10

just for the fun of it, I predict he will swipe 10 bases. on the other stats, I’m really not taking much of a risk. he will probably put those numbers up.

thats all I’ve got today, have a nice day!

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