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On the offensive: the seventh spot

February 8, 2007

adam kennedy 

who do you think will hit 7th in tony’s lineup? that is the big question of the day. is it yadier molina or adam kennedy?

my choice is molina, but my gut feeling tells me that tlr is going to go with kennedy.

lets breakdown adam’s stats shall we.

after going over his stats, the peak of his career so far has to be 2002 (world champ angels) to 2004. those years he put up really good numbers (obp/slg/avg/rbi/hr).

for example, in 2002 this was his line(avg/hr/rbi/obp/slg): .312/7/52/.345/.449

thats a really nice statline for a 2nd baseman. he was around those stats in 03-04 but he dropped in some stats (example: avg) and rose in other stats (hr).

here is his 2006 line (avg/hr/rbi/obp/slg): .273/4/55/.334/.384

thats not bad, but look how much he has dropped especially in average and slugging percentage.

i think he will produce about the same statline as he did last season with, of course, some increase and decrease in certain stats.

he surprisingly stole 16 bases last season and got caught 10 times. so, he has some speed and that is an element which the cardinals lack.  if he can get 10+ steals in 2007 that will be an nice addition of speed to the cards allaround game.

now, lets get to the prediction.

predicted 2007 stats: .288/5/55/13

as stated earlier, i do not like to predict obp and slg, those stats are out of my juristiction. i’ll leave that to the professionals.

as you can see from my prediction, i think he will come really close to matching last season’s stats with one exception: his avg will likely go up since the is the NL and this is a new team and i would think that kennedy thinks he has something to prove and to validate walt signing him. this means in obp and possibly his slg will rise. lets hope so.

hey, the lineup is almost done. next up (whenever i get to it): Gasolina’s offensive prowess.

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