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On the offensive: the 8th spot

February 12, 2007


finally, the last installment of the “On the offensive series…” is here and thats a load off of my mind.

its not like its great or anything but i just had to get it done. this has become an annual thing because I did it before the beginning last season and i enjoyed writing it. also, the cards won the world series so why jinx it?

today, I’ll be giving you my thoughts on the offensive prowess of our very own yadier molina or “Gasolina” (someone in the cards blogosphere came up with that but i dont remember who).

we all saw yadier take a step back offensively last season as his numbers plummeted across the board last season.

here are his stats for 2005 and 2006 for you to compare (avg/hr/rbi/obp/slg):

2005: .252/8/49/.295/.358

2006: .216/6/49/.274/.321

as you can see, the only stat that did not come down was his rbi which is a subjective stat really because it depends on how many rbi opportunities you get and then what happens during the at bat.

during the post season, a different gasolina came out of nowhere.  during the 2006 post season yadier hit .358 with 2 homers and 8 rbis.

he could have been the world series mvp. so which will we see this upcoming season? I would think its going to be something in the middle and that just common sense. he cannot be that bad of a hitter since he has hit throughout the minors before he came up. he also cannot be as good as his post season numbers indicate, he just got hot with the bat in october.

here is last season’s prediction: .263/11/55/3

I did not come close last season, but hopefully i will this season.

2007 season prediction: .262/11/60/1 (that 1 is stolen bases by the way)

thats pretty close to my last season’s prediction but with a couple more rbis. i figured since kennedy is the most likely guy to bat ahead of gasolina that he would get on base more often and yadier would drive him in.

well, thats it for this series. next up, I’ll take a look at every team in the central division wht a series I like to call “A look at the competition”.

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