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Spring Training quick links

February 22, 2007

here are some quick links from around the net about s.t., players, etc. enjoy:

  • the battle for rotation spots has started with pitchers throwing to live batters.
  • ricardo rincon (who? oh yeah, the loogy that pitched like five innings last season and then got hurt) healthy again and is ready to go, if the cards even has space for him on the roster.
  • the R&R’s favorite ballplayer, jimmy ballgame won’t play until mid to late march. what a surprise, this happens every s.t., but this year its legit because jimmy had shoulder and foot surgery.
  • johnny load will most likely have to compete for a spot on the team, or so says derrick goold.
  • over at the VEB, its pecota projections and depth charts and much much more.
  • erik at future redbirds looks at possible sleeper sugar shane at his great prospects blog, check it out sometime.
  • danup at get up baby! has a great series going on jimmy edmonds’ hall of fame worthiness and this is the last installment. i recommend reading all of them because they are real good.
  • erik is bat at posting on his other blog, go crazy folks!, and he is talking about bench jockeys.
  • chris at in walt we trust has a couple of posts on cards killers and its alarming the damage these guys have done!
  • at the birdhouse, the top 40 alltime cards has come down to #2, and its bob gibson.
  • whiteyball has a post on jaime garcia, good read.
  • matthew leach talks about the great atbat between wainwright and pujols. wainwright of course threw a huge cuve and pujols got out of there. good stuff.

wow, that was a lot more work than I thought. so much reading but so little time. Enjoy!

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