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Its The R&R’s birthday!

February 23, 2007


one year ago from tommorrow, I made my first post on this here blog.

I started this blog to vent about the cards bad offseason moves or lack there of (does that sound familiar? de ja vu). also, I wanted to share my thoughts on the cards and their competition in the nl central and give my thoughts about things going on in the mlb in general.

I really thought that this would not last this long, that after I type a couple of posts I would get it out of my system and stop later.

This never happened and I continue to this day posting on my beloved blog, Redbird Ramblings.

lets review some stats: one year, 200+ posts, 100+ comments and 20,000+(!!!) hits.

those stats are just amazing! I never thought that people would actually read what I write, or at least visit this blog more than 20 thousand times during the first year.

By no means am I a great writer, but I think I do a satisfactory job at writing about one of my passions, St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

I’m planning on continuing to blog and have not set an end date. so to all you people who visit (or have visited) this blog, thank you very much. your visits and comments here have made my time much more worth while (it would still be worth while because I’m writing about my cards, but of course not as much).

also, its been a great first year because my first year writing on this blog was the first year of the new busch stadium. the cards also brought the city their 10th w.s. championship in 24 years and a first for new busch in its inaugural season. congrats cards, cards fans and the city of st. louis!

the 2006 season was unbelievable roller coaster ride that ended in a championship and it will never be forgotten.

Happy 1st birthday R&R, and hopefully there are many more to come in the future!

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