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The two-seamer is back…with vengeance

February 23, 2007

 kid reyes

one of the R&R’s favorite ball players, anthony reyes, is back to working on his two seam fastball.

you know, the sinking fastball that is supposed to get guys to make contact and hit the ball on the ground. the one that reyes can’t really throw that well because of his natural mechanics.

we all remember this experiment, and i believe the two seamer is a big reason why reyes had an era above 5.00 (his was 5.06 i believe). dunc and tlr made him throw it during games. the problem was, the ball was straight and it did not sink.

now,  the sinker seems to have that sinker to it, at least sometimes. I agree with duncan that reyes needs this pitch for a couple of reasons; one, get quicker outs and throw less pitches and two, go deeper into games, preferably a couple of innings. during most of the games last season that reyes started, he only pitched five innings and into the sixth. that was it, maybe if he can get good control and movement on this sinker, he can go deeper into games, pitch more innings and save the bullpen.

thats all fine and good, as long as they dont try to mess with his head and tell him to make it his primary pitch. reyes has been  a phenomenal pitcher throughout his minor league career, and most of that is attributed to his pounding of the the high strike zone with his four seam fastball and setting it up with his changeup. if they go away from that, reyes will not come close to projections or be as good as the cards would like him to be.

lastly, just dont force the kid to throw it when he does not want to and make sure that he gets it right during spring training so we dont have to go through a roller coaster ride during the season.

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