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Izzy ready to go and other stuff

March 13, 2007

santana delivers a pitch against eckstien (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

joe strauss reports that the izzy man is ready to go. he three 28 pain free pitches and was watched by tlr, dunc and a whole bunch of other guys from the front office.

he should be because the whole season is riding on his back. he needs to be healthy so wainwright can stay in the rotation and pitch and looper (I cant believe im actually saying/typing this) can be the 5th starter in the rotation.

izzy faced hitters this time, they were: ankiel and marrero. he snapped ankiel’s bat and jammed marrero.

he is set to make his grapefruit league debut on thursday.

also, there was a game today. it was johan santana vs. kip wells. not a great matchup of the cards. the cards lost this game 5-2.

nonetheless, wells pitched three solid innings of scoreless baseball. rincon also pitched and allowed his first runs of the spring, allowing two runs on two hits and a walk. he pitched one inning.

the cards are now 8-4 in grapefruit league action.

next up, the cards host the nats in jupiter. its going to be a 12:05 central time start. the matchup will be one of the this blog’s favorite players, anthony reyes vs. an old favorite of ours, jason simontacchi.

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