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A look at the competition: the chicago cubs

March 15, 2007

the cubbies 

2006 season record: 66-96 (6th in nl central)

additions: alfonso soriano, ted lilly, jason marquis (aka bipolar betty), mark derosa, ned cotts, cliff floyd, daryl ward

subtractions: juan pierre, john mabry

 ok, so whats up with the cubs. they were the story of the offseason, overpaying for all/almost all the players they signed.

our very own marquis sucked last season, posting an era over 6.00 and he actually got a raise! what does a player have to do to get paid the minimum wage in baseball these days?

the guy sucked really bad. granted, he can’t be that bad can he? i dont know, but the cubs will find out. he is a talented pitcher but he has a boulder for a brain.

now, ted lilly. he is a decent lefty. on the other hand, he did give up 28 homeruns in 181.2 innings pitched. those are a lot of homers and now just think of him pitching in wrigley field…..on a regular sunny day…….and then on a windy day. wow!

lets top that, lets look at jason’s stats. he allowed 35 homeruns in 194.1 innings pitched. so, lilly + marquis in wrigley field = opposing hitters really happy to face these pitchers in wrigley, or anywhere for that matter.

rich hill is a very talented kid with a bright future, but many other ones have come and gone and did not accomplish anything (see prior and wood). speaking of prior, he has looked horrible this spring. i dont know if the cubbies can count on him being their 5th starter.

the bullpen looks solid and deep, especially with the addition of cotts and wood. this is where wood belonged all along. to me, he has always had potential as a closer. the guy has more than one pitch and his fastball is in the mid to high 90’s, he has the profile of a closer. he has had all these arm injuries, why not let him pitch an inning every other day and keep him healthy.

the rest of the bullpen is pretty solid. howry and eyre are really good by the way.

now, the offense. soriano is a great offensive addition, but will not nearly benefit the cubs as much as he could if he bats leadoff. i mean, comeon! the guy hit 46 homers last season. he should be hitting in spots 3-5 and nowhere else. defensively, i think he will be bad in centerfield.

the guy had brick hands as a 2nd baseman, he was mediocre as a left fielder and dont expect him to be much better as a centerfielder and especially not in wrigley field.

derosa was a good addition but i believe the offensive numbers he put up last season were just an abbiration. i dont think he is that good offensively. otherwise, he is solid defensively.

floyd can hit, but he is a statue in left field. he will just be taking at bats away from a very good young outfielder, matt murton. i really liked what i saw from him last season. his playing time should increase, not decrease, but what are you going to do?

ward was a good insurance signing. he can play 1st base and the corner outfield positions.

oh yeah, zambrano is still himself. a great starter that is short tempered and is sick in the head. the guy is nuts!

predicted 2007 starting rotation: carlos zambrano, ted lilly, jason marquis, rich hill and marck prior

predicted 2007 starting lineup: soriano, derosa, lee, ramirez, jones, barrett, murton, izturis (this is probably what piniella will run out on the field on opening day).

record prediction for 2007 regular season: 85-77 (3rd in nl central)

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  1. Adam permalink
    May 13, 2007 3:03 pm

    ALright well let me start off by saying that i’m sorry about your team’s record and the fact that this is gonna be a pretty bad year for them. Trust me bein a Cubs fan my whole life i know how it feels.
    Anyways you impressed me with all of your knowledge about the cubs players. especially for a cardinals fan.
    I pretty much agree on you with everything except for your prediction on Marquis and Lilly. Obviously at 5-1 with a 1.70 era no hitter is happy to face him. And lilly at 2-2 with a 2.78 era is doing a lot better than his record implys. He has been involved in games that he has allowed 1 and 2 runs in 7 solid innings and the cubs have lost 1-0 and 3-2. So he has just run into some tough luck. As far as Zambrano he is nuts. but thats what makes him fun to watch. If you take out his first inning in each game he has an era below 3.00. he will get back to form.
    I do agree with you on the soriano batting situation. i think that he should be 2th. theriot 1st, soriano 2nd, lee 3rd, ramiriz 4th,
    Although lee this year has become more of a single/double hitter and less of a homerun hitter. i still like him in the 3rd spot. although lee 2nd and soriano 3rd could be pretty interesting. theriot is a solid hitter but cant hit for power.. he should be first.
    I also think the cubs will finish 2nd behind the brewers but will be a few games out of the wild card chase.
    Next year is their year to win it all. it’ll the be 100 year anniversary of them winning. They will finally break the curse.
    well thats pretty much all i have to say so any comments feel free to email me.

  2. Adam permalink
    May 13, 2007 3:04 pm

  3. May 13, 2007 11:24 pm

    hey, your the first cubs fan who did not cuss me out, thanks alot for that. you are right, but remember i made these predictions before the season started. lilly was a mediocre lefty in the american league who allowed a lot of homers and marquis, well, i know what he was like last year since he killed us cards fans. also, i really dont feel that bad for the cards, sometimes its nice to be a general baseball fan and just watch baseball. last year was awesome. they should use this year as a “rebuilding” season and gear up to make the playoffs this year since this season looks like its pretty much lost.

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