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Draft day review

March 19, 2007

fantasy baseball 

so, yesterday the fantasy league that I’m in had its draft. the draft took almost two hours to complete, but it was fun. this was the first time i had participated in a live draft and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

the league is composed of some bloggers and other people from around the net and some readers of cards blogs. props to daniel of redbirds fun for setting up the league.

lets not waste time, here are my picks:
Redbird Ramblings
1. (12) David Ortiz
2. (17) Lance Berkman
3. (40) Carlos Zambrano
4. (45) Michael Young
5. (68) Scott Rolen
6. (73) Jim Edmonds
7. (96) Ian Kinsler
8. (101) Scott Kazmir
9. (124) Michael Barrett
10. (129) Anthony Reyes
11. (152) Joel Zumaya
12. (157) Francisco Liriano
13. (180) Jeff Francoeur
14. (185) A.J. Burnett
15. (208) Jeremy Hermida
16. (213) Mike González
17. (236) José Contreras
18. (241) Mark Buehrle
19. (264) Craig Monroe
20. (269) Ricky Nolasco
21. (292) Rich Aurilia
22. (297) Jeff Francis
23. (320) Mike Jacobs

i think i did fairly well, definitely better than last season. my pitching is pretty solid and i believe the offense is decent as well. i made a couple of mistakes though; word is that liriano is out for the season and i did not know that, so i drafted him.

well, that was a wasted pick. some of the guys in the league believe that i drafted edmonds way too high, but i could not resist; i just had to do it. one’s favorite player must be on the team or else there is no point in playing no?

lets see, i got a couple of cards in this draft; i drafted rolen, edmonds and reyes in that order.

i got a couple of cubs too. the first pitcher that i drafted was carlos zambrano, big z, and he will head my pitching staff. he should have a pretty good year this season.

another was barrett who is a very good offensive catcher and i need some offense out of that spot.

by the way, i got the 12th out of 14 picks in odd rounds and the 3rd out of 14 picks in even numbered rounds.

I got two really good offensive weapons with my first two picks; ortiz and berkman.

for starting pitching, i got most of my starters in the late rounds of the draft like francis, buehrle and contreras.

one of the big surprises that i saw was craig monroe. the guy lasted until the 19th round. i saw he was available and i drafted him right away. he hit 28 homers and had 92 rbis last season. i wonder what happened there?

so, what do you guys think? any opinions?


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