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rotation is ready, but the outfield is a dilema

March 20, 2007

who's in the outfield? 

joe strauss has an article up today on the p.d.’s site about the rotation and the outfield.

so, what was the biggest question in every cards fan’s mind going into spring training?

it was the rotation of course. everyone, including me, thought that walt and the organization went cheap this offseason after winning the world series.

they probably did, but it might work out again. i know that i should take s.t. with a grain of salt, but man has the rotation been good.

sure, there has been a hickup here and there, but overall these guys have been solid if not spectacular.

the rotation is probably going to be composed of carpenter, reyes, wainwright, wells and looper.

thats really not that bad. if wells and looper can be average, with an era between 4 and 5 and go 6 or 7 innings almost every start, the bullpen and the team should be fine and well rested.

now, i believe the x-factors to this rotation are the young guys that everyone is counting on, anthony reyes and adam wainwright.

if these guys dont succeed, then in the words of shea hillenbrand, “the ship is sinking” or it will sink pretty quick.

one of these guys has to step up and be really good and the other has to at least be solid.

my bet is on reyes, i believe he will the the cards unquestionable 2nd starter by the end of the season. i think wainwright will be solid, but not as good as reyes since this will be his first season starting in the big leagues.

now, to the outfield. tlr has said recently that he expects both jimmy baseball and the cyborg that plays right field to be on the DL on opening day.

they are not supposed to miss that much time, probably two weeks of the season at most.

jimmy still has a chance to play on opening day if his recovery goes as planned and close to perfect, but juan, probably not.

so, that opens up two spots on the roster for two outfielders to make the team.

the best bet is that skip schumaker and john rodriguez will make the team, if both jim and juan cant play on opening day.

skip and john have been the best outfielders to play in s.t., so they deserve to make the team more than anyone else.

if not for the injuries, there probably isnt any room for either or them, but maybe one.

the cards will probably carry 12 pitchers to begin the season, so that leaves 5 bench spots.

all of them are locked up right now by: bennett, miles, spezio, wilson and taguchi.

throughout s.t., taguchi has not hit, in fact he has 6 hits in 37 at bats, thats a .162 batting average.

wilson has hit a little recently, but he is still 7 for 32, which is a .219 average.

meanwhile, johny load is hitting .327 in 28 abs and schumaker is hitting .414 in 29 at bats.

i realize that these are small sample sizes, but when your competing for a spot on a major league team every at bat counts.

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