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Cards pound Dodgers

March 21, 2007

The Rainman 

the cards put the smackdown on the dodgers last night, winning easily and effortlessly, 13-0.

anthony reyes was the man yesterday. he pitched six scoreless innings and only gave up four hits. he walked one and struckout one. i would have liked to see him ring up more K’s, but thats fine. it only spring training.

reyes has pitched 16 innings this spring and his s.t. era is now down to 0.56.

the offense was on fire as well. after tlr’s little private talk with p-dub, he has turned things around and has been really hitting as of late.

wilson had three hits and all of them were doubles and he drove in a run.

eli marrero also played last night, he started in the outfield i believe. he had three hits and four rbis. he actually played in rightfield, 1st base and catcher.

duncan homered (his 5th of the spring) and so did gasolina (his 1st of the spring).

meanwhile, so taguchi continues to struggle with the stick, going 0-3 with two K’s and a avg. of .150.

also, the bullpen was spot less with rincon, johnson and thompson going an inning each and not allowing a run.

overall, it was a really good day at the ballpark for our cards.

11 days until opening day!

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