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DUI and Rehab

March 23, 2007

 tlr looking on as his team plays the O's

first off, sorry for not posting anything yesterday. i had an exam and was too tired/lazy to write anything after it.

now, lets get this out if the way shall we? tony la russa got arrested in jupiter, florida for suspicion of drunk driving. this occurred early thursday morning, just after midnight i believe. the legal blood alcohol level was .08 and tony had a .093 BAL.

he was held eight hours in the local jail and then left in the morning for roger dean stadium. the man messed up, plain and simple. I know we hold our manager up on a pedestal, but he is human after all.

he issued an official apology to the organization, his family and all cards fans and said that he embarrassed everyone and is sorry. thats the end of that.

now, to the two games i did not brief you on.

wednesday’s game, wainwright was solid going 5 innings with 3 k’s and allowing one run but the cards still lost to the O’s, 4-1.

pujols went 2 for 3 and duncan drove in the only run with a single. izzy pitched an inning and allowed one run, one walk and two hits. springer and flores both pitched one inning each and did not allow a run. franklin also pitched an inning and he allowed a run to score.

yesterday’s game had cy carp vs. the d-train. both were pretty good and each went at least 6 innings.

carpenter went 6 innings, giving up 4 hits, one run, one walk and striking out 6. thats a good number of K’s, he must have been pretty sharp.

johnson, rincon and hancock all pitched an inning each and did not allow an earned run to score, but an unearned run got past the plate when rincon was pitching.

the marlins pitching staff had the better day though only allowing one run to  score. dontrelle went 6.2 innings allowing 3 hits and walking 2 while also striking out 5.

so, the marlins win it 2-1.

now, to some new stuff about jimmy baseball.  the p.d. reports that if edmonds does not have any setbacks, he will probably be cleared to play on opening day.

he is supposedly progressing fairly well and has not had any setbacks with his shoulder or his foot since he started rehabing which is just great to hear.

the cards need jimmy’s bat in the lineup and his glove in center, but i hope they are not rushing things. i would rather he be on the dl for the first week or two of the season then at the end of it for a month or two. on the other hand, if he is ready on opening day that would be just great. word has it that edmonds might play his first spring training game on sunday.

now, today it will be looper vs. hernandez as the mets host the cards at port st. lucie, florida. that game is a 12:05 CT and here is the gameday link (props to VEB).

also, juan encarnacion will likely be on the dl for a couple of weeks to start the season. he is still recovering the wrist surgery that he had done earlier this off season.

thats it, have a great day. only 9 days until opening day! 

edmonds taking some swings

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