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My Bad

March 23, 2007

matt ginter 

some things happened that I was not aware of, but derrick goold has the scoop as always at his birdland blog.

apparently, today’s starter against the pond scum is not looper, but some guy named matt ginter.

ginter was called up from tiple-A. goold also enlightens me and/or you by stating that looper is also starting today, but its a minor league game. the cards wanted to do this so they can get more innings for the bullpen guys to pitch.

also, a roster move went down. i guess we dont have to worry about narveson going anywhere because he was sent down to triple-A. he was put on waivers by the cards and was not claimed by a mjor league team. now, he is with the triple-A team.

that is very surprising considering that many teams are looking for a 5th starter and narveson fits the bill and he is a lefty which is a bonus. I guess he is not as valiable as i thought he was, no matter.

also, merrero could not make the start at catcher because of a sore elbow so brian espesito filled in.

the pitchers available today are: isringhausen, thompson, dove, springer and a couple of other guys.

well, thats it, have a nice weekend!

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