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A look at the competition: the milwaukee brewers

March 28, 2007

the brew crew 

finally, the last installment of this series, here it comes.

2006 regular season record: 75-87 (4th in nl central)

additions: jeff suppan, johnny estrada (via trade), claudio vargas (via trade), craig counsell

subtractions: david bell, jeff cirillo, tomo ohka, doug davis (via trade)

if been sheets is healthy and chris capuano pitches like he did in 2005, this rotation should be very, very good. those are two really big IFs though. i dont remember the last time been sheets has been 100% healthy and capuano’s 2005 season might just be luck/an abberation. so, i dont know. the brew crew do have a solid if not spectacular rotation.

they have also have added our old friend and nlcs mvp, jeff suppan to a already good rotation. i think they have a very good top of the rotation with sheets, capuano and suppan that can compete with anyone.

dave bush is a solid number four starter and should be ok this upcoming season, but i dont know about vargas as a number five starter. he reminds me too much of marquis and i dont know why. maybe because he is a guy with potential that has shown flashes of his talent but always goes back to what he used to do when he sucked, and he is 28 years old.

now, to the offense. with bill hall and prince fielder’s emergence, this offense will be fine homer wise. also, they should score plenty of runs. i more concerned about ricky weeks and j.j. hardy. these kids have so much potential, but they both got injured relatively early last season and were out for most/all of last season.

jenkins seems to be on the decline phase of his career, so he might platoon with kevin mench in left field. estrada is a solid addition to the club because he can hit for average, has some pop in his bat and he can play good defense. corey hart should also get better so this will be a good lineup.

now, to the bullpen. im guessing that francisco cordero will be the closer and not turnbow. cordero was decent the first half of last season but blew up the second half and lost his job as a closer to cordero. i guess turnbow will be the primary setup man for cordero. otherwise, the bullpen should be decent this upcoming season, unless both cordero and turnbow implode.

now, to the biggest question on my mind about the brewers; how good is their defense?

i dont know, but it was one of the worst last season. first of all, bill hall will play centerfield everyday because they need his bat in the lineup. he is probably the best athlete on the team, so he could be a good defensive centerfielder, but i dont know; we will see how it works out. also, what about ss and 2b and 1b? i dont know, all three players are very young and still developing defensively. fielder is a monster offensively (or should be anyway) but i dont know if he can play a decent 1st base. so, the defense is the biggest question mark the beermen must answer.

predicted 2007 starting rotation: sheets, capuano, suppan, bush, vargas

predicted 2007 starting lineup: weeks, hardy, fielder, hall, estrada, jenkins/mench, koskie and hart

prediction for 2007 regular season: 86-76 (2nd in nl central)

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  1. March 28, 2007 11:34 pm

    The Brewers are a becoming a scary team, and I can see them as a legitimate contender in a year or two. Their offense is a little unstable at the moment, though.

  2. March 28, 2007 11:53 pm

    i agree; i think they still got a year or two to compete for a division title. hey, they might even sneak into the playoffs through the wildcard. you never know. if everyone is healthy, the offense should be pretty good, the defense is going to be the question mark for the brew crew.

  3. March 29, 2007 11:25 pm

    I could see the Brew Crew as a contender for the wildcard this year, but that might be kind of tough with teams like the Braves, Astros, Padres, and even the Marlins all significantly more experienced in postseason play. I think their offense is a little ripe: Fielder is a stud, but I’m not sold on Bill Hall and Weeks and Hardy are still really young. Their pitching is very solid, though.

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