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Skip stays up and j-rod goes down

March 29, 2007


an important decision was made yesterday with regards to the 25-man roster. now we that we know juan encarnacion will start the season on the dl, tlr and co. decided that skip schumaker will make the team and johny rocket will not, he was sent down to triple-A.

so, this leaves the cards with five outfielders on the roster; edmonds, duncan, wilson, taguchi and schumaker. another important decision still to be made is who will get the last bullpen spot.

are tlr and dunc going to carry three lefthanders (flores, johnson and rincon) or do they prefer a fifth righthander in the bullpen (hancock)?

the battle is between rincon and hancock. tlr views tyler as the lefthanded specialist and rincon is a LOOGY as well, so why do you need two? beats me, all know is that tyler is the younger, better and cheaper version of rincon.

now to hancock, i like his versatility. the guy can be a long reliever, a spot starter, he can setup and he can even close for you if you need him to. joe strauss thinks that the cards might trade rincon:

“The Cardinals meanwhile are seeking to resolve a bullpen surplus with a trade of lefthanded reliever Ricardo Rincon, according to baseball sources. For now Rincon and righthander Josh Hancock remain in contention for the final berth; however, organizational preferences for a fifth righthander favor Hancock.”

now, there was a game yesterday. i dont want to bore you with the details so i’ll just say a couple of things. first, looper was good going 6 2/3 innings, allowing 4 hits and no runs to score. tagg bozied hit a two run shot in the first and the cards win this one against the O’s 5-1.

today, the cards will play their last s.t. game, its going to be kip wells against anibal sanchez at roger dean stadium.  12:05 p.m. start and here is the gameday link.

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  1. March 30, 2007 3:23 am

    I like this move. I think Skip brings more to the table. I’d rather have Jrod at the plate in a big at bat I think – but Shumaker is a better all around player! Thanks for the writeup!

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