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Wells is doing well so far

March 30, 2007

kip wells 

so what does everyone think about kip wells now that he has pitched well this spring?

for some reason, everytime i watched him pitch before the cards signed him, i thought he was a good pitcher on a bad team (pirates) and with some bad luck. i did not think he was great, but i thought he was a solid pitcher, you know, supp like by with more potential.

thus far this spring, wells has pitched 23.1 innings and he has only allowed 5 runs and only 3 of them were earned. his era stands at 1.16, he has given up 22 hits, collected 22 K’s and walked 8.

those are some pretty good numbers, even for spring training. i dont care who you are and spring training or not, you still have to be very good to pitch like that.

now dont get the impression that i think he will do this in the regular season, but his spring performance has given me a more optomestic view of the rotation and wells as a starter; i think he will do better than i originally thought when walt first signed the guy.

best case scenario he gives you an era of 3.50-4.00 and wins you 15 games, worst case scenario he accumulates an era of 4.00-5.00 and wins 10 games. even the worst case scenario is not that bad because he is on a one year deal and he came relatively cheap at 4 million (for a starter in this insane market). it the whole thing does not work, you’ve got others who can take his spot (narveson, keisler, smith, hawksworth, cate, etc.).

now to yesterday’s game. guess who was the starter? thats write, kip wells and he was very good.

wells pitched a total of 6.1 innings, allowing 2 runs to score and 1 of them was earned. he gave up 5 hits, walked 1 and he struck out 7 (!!!). that was a very good performance in his last tuneup before he makes his cardinal debut on april 3rd (i think) vs. the NY Mets.

by the way, the cards played the marlins, and the game ended in a tie, 4-4.

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