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rincon cut; 25 man roster finalized

March 31, 2007

 ricardo rincon

if you have not heard already, the cards have cut ricardo rincon, one of their lefthanded specialists.

that basically was the last step to finalizing the 25 man roster. it was between letting go rincon or hancock, and i believe the cards made the right choice in cutting rincon. we already have rincon on the team except he is more than a decade younger, is cheaper and has more potential. his name….tyler johnson.

so, the roster is set:

bullpen: izzy, thompson, flores, johnson, franklin, hancock and springer

rotation: carpenter, wells, reyes, wainwright and looper

outfield: edmonds, duncan and encarnacion(dl)

infield: pujols, rolen, kennedy, eckstien and molina

bench: wilson, miles, spezio, bennett, taguchi and schumaker

there you have it, your 2007 St. Louis cardinals 25-man roster for opening day which is only 1 1/2 days way!

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