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No Worries

April 2, 2007

great view! 

opening day did not go as planned for the cards.

everything was perfect, all the opening day festivities: the raising of the championship flag, the motorcades, the ceremonial first three pitches and then cam the game…..ouch….

tom glavine was very good, although i thought the ump gave him a couple of extra inches and squeezed carp a bit.

what about carp? he was not very good, but its one game and hopefully it wont continue. the mets got 5 runs off of carp, man those guys can mash.

what is so taguchi still doing playing the outfield?

i think c-dunc could have made a better play on that double by delgado and dunc would have caught that fly ball, granted it did not turn into runs but that still cannot happen.

the mets defense was great while the cards was lackluster (see taguchi).

also, a runner got thrown out because of carp’s bad squeeze bunt….carp had a lot of things go bad for him yesterday.

no matter, there is always tommorrow. its cards vs. mets again and this time it will be the debut of kip wells as a cardinal against “el duca” hernandez.

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