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April 5, 2007


what on god’s green earth is going on here?

bad pitching from the bullpen, no hitting and some sloppy defense by the outfield has gotten the cards to a rough 0-3 record.

well, thats what happens when preston wilson gets two starts in the first three games of the season and so taguchi gets one.

now, skip, it was his first time but that is still unexcusable! this cannot and i repeat cannot happen again!

the bullpen was bad, especially hamcock, serving up a meatball for carlos beltran’s second homer of the game (he hit his first off of looper earlier). then, he gave up a homer to reyes.

looper was decent last night, but if he is to stay a starter he must go deeper into the game, at least 6 innings most of his starts if not longer.

what about the offense? were was it? i dont know, but pujols, edmonds and rolen need to pick up the slack. especially the 100 million dollar man, pujols. i dont know whats going on with him but he needs to fix it fast and get to hitting before the season goes to hell.

is the season over? no, but this team needs to get it first win and hopefully wainwright can deliver on friday and reyes will go right after him on saturday.

thats all i’ve got.

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  1. Mr. Met permalink
    April 7, 2007 9:56 am

    You guys had a nice run, but face it – the Mets own the NL now. The NLCS was among the best postseason series ever, coming down to one pitch. This year is different. Sorry buddy, Redbirds are dead birds.

  2. lucy permalink
    June 30, 2007 1:15 pm

    what does wtf mean

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