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Keisler is clutch and Speezer is a hit

April 11, 2007

Speezer's clutch single 

randy keisler came through big time last night for the cards.

the lefty did his job and more, he gave the cards a solid performance with quality start.

randy pitched six innings, allowing five hits, and two earned runs. he also gave up a homer to jose bautista (solo shot) which was one of the runs while walking one and striking out three. he set himself up to have a good game after he got out of the first inning jam with the bases loaded and one out.

after that, he settled down for the most part and was solid through six.

the clutch hitting was not there again last night as edmonds was benched for taguchi, wilson in the lineup and aaron miles getting the start at 2nd. also, rolen had a sore back so spezio had to fill in for him.

what a coincidence that spezio has been sick also with a sore back and food poisoning. no matter, Speezer got it done last night bad back and all.

with two on (2nd and 3rd base after a towering albert flyball that almost left the park), spezio singled against torres (the pirates closer) and drove in two to tie the game with one out in the ninth.

springer, hancock, flores, thompson and izzy pitched the rest of the game. thompson got the win and izzy got his 3rd save of the season.

with the bases loaded, schumaker hit a shallow flyball into the outfield but oquendo still sent gary bennett home, he was a dead duck at the plate and the throw was right on but paulino dropped the ball (literally and figuratively) and gary was safe.

after that, izzy came in and got the save. so, cards win  their first extra innings game of the season 3-2.

our cards basically stole this game from the pirates for several reasons. first of all, tlr trotted a triple-A lineup on the field. he had taguchi and wilson in the outfield and spezio and miles in the infield and molina got a day off so bennett was playing too.

also, keisler was surprisingly effective and kept the cards in the game the whole time he was out there.

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