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cards silenced by snell

April 17, 2007

snell dominates cards 

ian snell was terrific last night, the guy was really good. he kept the cardinal hitters off balance for almost the whole game.

the cardinals as a team only had six total hits and two of those hits came from scott rolen.

rolen was 2 for 2 with both hits being singles. in fact, all six hits were singles.

on a positive note, jimmy baseball got a hit and finally got his first rbi of the season (jimmy better start driving runs in because he is killing the cards on the field and killing my fantasy team stats wise).

snell pitched seven great innings giving up only three hits and one earned run and stiking out six hitters.

reyes was almost the opposite of snell. he struggled again, mostly in the first inning.

the first run of the game was scored by the pirates on a bases loaded walk to jason bay. two other runs scored on a single by xavier nady.

so, reyes allowed three runs in the first and it took him 47 pitches to get out of that horrible inning.

he settled down though and went on to go five innings when it was all said and done. so, it took him 49 pitches to go 4 innings but 47 pitches to finish the first inning.

I really think anthony’s long layoff is having a huge negative effect on him. come on, eight days straight two starts in a row. he had too long of a rest and was not locating his pitches. also, he was squeezed badly by the umpire (at least i thought so).

you might not agree with this, but i think reyes is being treated like the ugly step child of dave duncan and tony la russa. why is he the one being moved around the rotation while a converted reliever and a career mediocre pitcher get first priority.

meanwhile, reyes has been the number one pitching prospect in the cards minor league system and the number one prospect over the last couple of years. i really think this stuff they are doing is messing with his head.

dunc has got to work with reyes to try to get him to get through the first innings with a minimum amount of pitches thrown. i also noticed that reyes was usually quick to get two two strikes on hitters at time but could not finish. that problem needs to be fixed as well.

on the bright side, if the worst start you’ve recieved is five innings and three earned runs then you are lucky, but the problem is this offense sputtering.

the cards were in the game the whole way and especially in the 9th inning.

duncan came up with the bases loaded and one out in the 9th and flew out to shallow left field.

then, pujols came up and promptly got jammed by torres, the buccos closer. he hit a jam job to the third baseman and the game was over then.

cards fell to the buccos, 3-2.

in other news, jimmy edmonds says that his recovery is going well so far.

hall of fame writer rick hummel checks in with jimmy to see how he is doing:

After the Cardinals’ 3-2 loss Monday, Edmonds’ numbers are a .235 batting average, no homers and his first run batted in, courtesy of a bloop single in the eighth inning. But Edmonds is pleased with what’s happened since he started playing in the last week of March after offseason operations on his right shoulder and left foot.

“I’ve surprised myself how I’ve done the things I’ve actually wanted to do,” Edmonds said. “There have been a couple of bad swings where I haven’t felt great, but there’s been way more good swings than bad, so I’m happy with that. I’m really holding up pretty well.”

edmonds says his shoulder and legs are still a bit weak since he could not do anything during spring training so basically this is his spring training.

at the plate, edmonds looks confident and on the ball. he just needs more time because the season so far has been like on the job training.

i expect him to bet better offensively in may since this month is like s.t. to him.  as his legs get stronger, he should be more agile in the outfield also. we will see what happens.

today’s game is a nooner, at 12:10 central time start.

its the wagonmaker vs. the young lefty, tom gorzelanny

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