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Where have the bats gone?

April 18, 2007

what the hell is going on? 

this seems to be the million dollar question for most of this young season so far.

whats up with the bats? seems like everyone is ice cold except for the phenom, chris duncan.

yesterday, wainwright was not even close to being effective (when he is “on” that is) and the offense did not help much. i did not get to watch the game yesterday but its a good thing i did not.

the team looked horrible. i know this question has been asked a couple of times around these internets, but where happened to the greatest hitter in the league?

he seems to be a shadow of his former self. i dont know whats going on with him but he needs to fix it fast, snap out of it AP!

i can’t believe im saying this, but this team severely misses juan encarnacion (on a side note, check out time traveling juan encarnacion’s adventures at, those cartoons by “boxcar” fritz are hilarious. its a four part series, here are the links: I, II, III, , IV and VI).

this team needs a guy or too to carry this offense and they need it desperately. it does not matter who, someone has to help chris duncan out here (I’m looking at you guys: albert, scotty, jimmy. maybe even the right handed windmill; p-dub).

well, lets get off of that depressing subject. today, its randy “crafty lefty” keisler vs. Matty “done” Mo.

actually, matt is 2-0 with a 2.38 era, but he has pitched dangerously so far. he has walked six guys and given up 12 hits in 11 1/3 innings pitched  in two starts this season.

keisler has lived on the edge too, at least during his first start of the season. remember that first inning in pittburgh, yeah thats what i’m talking about. i got the info from the great writer over the the cards site, matthew leach. game preview is here.

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