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Friday click-a-ma-jigs

April 20, 2007

its cards cubs weekend; lets get it on!

the cards suck! the pitching sucks and the hitting sucks. it hurts me to say it but its true.

kip wells provided both runs in yesterday’s game against the gaints, and one he drove himself in on a homer. so, the cards lumber is still in deep slumber, lets hope it wakes up soon.

i wont hold my breath because its a lefty going today, ted lilly of the cubbies. looper vs. lilly today.

now, to the links:

  1. Lboros talks about how disgusted wells is with this offense, i guess the cards and the buccos are on even levels now; actually, the pirates offense is better right now.
  2. I’m sick of bunting, you are sick of bunting, but tony is not. hey even ryan vb is sick of it.
  3. Dan at Get Up Baby! talks about the october luck (a lot of luck!) and how horrible the back of the lineup is, also, some ankiel talk.
  4. Pip at fungoes has all the stats for you, especailly that hokey pokey dance albert was doing with home base in extra innings (some win probability stats).
  5. Tom at Cardinals GM talks about how pathetic the cards have been lately and I totally agree with him.
  6. when will this madness end? well kujo at rockin’ the red thinks time will heal us since it heals all wounds.
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  1. April 20, 2007 5:34 pm

    I am hopefully but still feel sick. The longer we go like this the harder it will be. We need this Cubs series….NOW!

  2. April 21, 2007 1:45 pm

    GREAT, cartoon….

    It is nice to get the first one from the Chubs.

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