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the week of reckoning is upon us

May 2, 2007

Ricky is coming and you know it! 

well, its upon me actually. yes… finals are next week for me so im typing this during my break.

i’ve had three tests (one was a final) the last two days and a 20 page paper due. that is some horrible stuff, but its done.

now, on to finals.

what can i say about say about the cardinals that has not already been said about afghanistan, worn out and depleted.

thats how i describe the cards right now, quoting dave chapelle. yep, its bad right now and they are 6.5 games back of the beerman.

can you believe it? one month into the season and the three teams predicted to be atop the division are actually the last three teams in the standings.

its only a month, but we might in for a long and hard summer the way this team is going.

the cardinals lineup needs to get going and it needs one more more thing to get it back to “acceptable” status. that thing is a BAT.

yes, the cards must trade for a bat. encarnacion is is good hitter, but he will not have his power when he comes back up to the bigs, at least not right away. remember? this is a wrist injury, it takes time (see: D. Lee).

or, they need to shuffle this thing up. send some one down and bring up some hitters to see if they can help you. it has to be done.

who do we send down? we have three options. one, schumaker; two, p-dub; and three, taguchi.

i vote for the right handed k-machine. either cut him or send him down. bring up…….ryan ludwick or my favorite player in triple-A, slick rick. thats right, Ank has been hitting up a storm in the minors. Ank is hitting .261 with 7 (!!!) homeruns and 27 rbis. thats pretty good if I say so myself. or ludwick, .333, 7, 31. both are doing pretty good, but ricky is a better outfielder all around.

this move cant hurt the club, only help it. now, we are staring down a path that can lead this team to a 5 game losing streak and beyond.

maybe the funeral on thursday will get this team some closure.

tonight, its the rainman, kid reyes vs. chris capuano to finish this series. hopefully, anthony can get his for major league win, steer this team in the right direction and stop this losing streak at 4.

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