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West Coast Worries

May 14, 2007

the mv3, or whats left of them 

if you have not read the previous post, i’m back; the cardinals are clearly not back yet from their 2006 celebration and they might not even be back this season.

at this time, this team cant hit and the starters are feeling the pressure of no run support (mr. reyes) and others feel like they are on the lousy team they started their careers on (mr. wells).

so, whats going on? to be honest with you, i dont know but the big thing right now is that the mv3 are not hitting, specifically, albert pujols.

it seems like he is lunging at pitches and putting too much weight on his front foot and reaching for stuff. he is expanding his strike zone too much. at other times he looks like he is only using his hands and not his legs.

i dont really know, but something is wrong. if albert does not hit like he can and usually does, then this team is screwed plain and simple.

jimmy, i take it, is back in shape yet. he is not covering as much ground as he used to. sure he may have lost half a step but come on. his legs are still not in playing shape and his shoulder seems weak. although, he has shown some signs of life with the bat in the last week. hitting singles is better than striking out and popping up.

now, scotty rolen, i have no idea what’s wrong with him. he only has two homers, but he says that his shoulder is fully healed. he has been slumping ever since he had those two games where he got half of his hits in and raised his average to .280ish. as of today, his ba stands at around .200.

same goes for eckstien, kennedy, etc. this whole team cant hit. the only guy that was hitting was chris duncan, and now he has gone into a slump as well.

is it the players, manager or hitting coach? i dont know, maybe a combination of all three but this has to be fixed and must be fixed soon.

oh yeah, the savior, juan E is back from the dl. he did not look very good. sure he struck out on three fastballs down the middle in his first at bat but at least he took a couple of pitches.

now, lets try to win more than a game at LA versus the dodgers shall we?

after the padres series, jimmy baseball issued a call of urgency to his team mates:

“There’s no reason why we can’t score a run here and there off any given guy at any given time. If things aren’t working, we’ve got to change them. We need to figure out why they’re not working and make an adjustment,” said Edmonds, who is dealing with a slow start following two off-season operations and a truncated spring training. “We just can’t keep coming up with lame excuses day in and day out why we’re not winning.”

 i totally agree with that. i know jimmy does not show it much, but he is a proud ball player and it must be eating him from the inside not being able to help this team much offensively. lately, it looks like the cards centerfielder has been turning things around. i hope so because as jimmy goes this offense goes as well. lets not forget scotty and albert must hit for this team to when some games.

looper; what can i say? the guy is the ace right now. he is the only guy i can trust to go out there and give the cards a chance to win. if you told me that in january i would have thought you were high on something.

now, the pitching matchups for the next three games:

brad thompson vs. brett tomko ; 9:10 tonight

adam wainwright vs. derrek lowe ; 9:10 tuesday

kip wells vs. randy wolf ; 9:10 wednesday

hopefully, brad (babyface) goes out and gets his first win as a starter today.

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