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Was that a heavenly dream that i had las night?

May 15, 2007

so, jimmy and juan celebrate after win (AP Photo/Mark Avery)

or was that real life? i dont know, but the cards scored three runs in the first…..and ……..three runs in the 2nd inning to take a 6-0 lead over the dodgers.

the cards played the whole season up to yesterday’s game and only scored 3 combined first inning runs but yesterday they matched that total in one inning.

to top that, they scored three runs in the second as well, and someone actually hit a homerun.

thats right, the cards had not homered in 10 straight games, since that one game against milwaukee when C-Dunc homered, and he did it again last night. it was a two run shot.

dunc got himself a couple of hits and so did….surprise… rolen and edmonds. jimmy actually had a extra base hit, a double, and drove in a a run. although he got the double on an excuse me swing, he’ll take it nonetheless.

what about the 3rd member of the mv3 you ask? well, he went 0 for 5. albert is really starting to concern me and now i’m starting to think he might have some sort of nagging injury that he is not telling anyone about. i dont know whats going on but it needs to be fixed and fast.

babyface was not too bad himself, going 6.2 innings and only allowing three runs. he got the win. how come reyes never gets this much run support, not even half.

so, the cards win it, 8-4.

tonight, its a late west coast start at 9:10 pm central time; wainwright vs. lowe

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