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Ode to the Offense and tigers series preview

May 18, 2007

the good old days 

the cards came close a couple of nights in a row, but could not pull a win out either night. after winning the first game of the series against the dodgers, they lost the last two.

its alright, at least they were competitive and the offense actually came to life during this series. lets hope it stays that way. its getting better, slowly but surely, its getting better.

what the hell is up with kip wells? the guy has been awful as of late. sure he has movement on his pitches but they are never where molina wants them. when this guy gets hit, he gets hit hard.

speaking of the offense, it has gotten a bit better, but where has the power gone? the cards only have 18 homers hit cumulatively for the whole season.

12 of those have been hit by pujols and duncan and pujols has not homered in more than two weeks. oh where has the immortal albert gone, oh where oh where can he be?

now, to the tigers. the cards will play three against the big cats to begin interleague play.

game one: andrew miller, a lefty out of AA ball, will go against the staff ace…..sigh…..braden looper (6:05 pm tonight)

game two: the best pitcher with the most potential in this rotation, reyes will be going for his first win of the year against lefty nate robertson (6:05 pm saturday)

game three: babyface, brad thompson vs. fireballer justin verlander (12:05 pm sunday)

the cards will be facing two lefties in this series, so dont expect much. frankly, because of the way the cards have been playing as of late, especially the starters, i can honestly say that i would be content with one win out of these three games.

expect the worst, hope for the best and go cards!

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