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Hitting rock bottom

May 22, 2007


finally, the cards have hit rock bottom, or so i think. its not that im happy they have, but far from it.

to me, the cardinals can not go up before they have fallen as far as they could. i believe the cards have hit rock bottom. the pitching has been horrible and still is.

the hitting is horrible, but has turned it around a bit as of late. the power is still no where to be found.

the cards are spending, 22 million dollars, and it seems like they are waisting it. those 22 are being spent on the cards primary 4 and 5 spot hitters; jimmy edmonds and scott rolen.

these two guys have combined for 3 homers, 25 rbis and an average below .220. all other teams in the mlb have had better production from the 4th and 5th spot in the lineup and they pay less money for more. if these guys dont flip the switch, turn it on, etc., then this team is totally screwed. thats what happens when the owners go cheap the your primary hitters get old/have surgery/recover from injuries and the owners just stand there and watch.

and why should the owners do anything when the fans are buying everything up without any reason to after the world series championship. once the fans stop buying, then and only then will ownership stop lining their pockets and get some players to get fannies back in the seats.

this season is almost lost, but i will not give up on this team yet. if the cards are not floating around a .500 record by the allstar break, then the season is lost.

our cards really need to make a run during the next three weeks in which they play many teams with sub .500 records.

so, it do or die, sink or swim, now or never;____________(insert metaphor here). oh yeah, if you did not know, the cards got swept by the tigers during the weekend, so it sucked.

i still say, GO CARDS!

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