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May 25, 2007

 good ol' cards

yeah, it feels good doesnt it!

a three game sweep over the pirates partially heals all wounds suffered throughout this horrible season.

at least now the cards are ahead of the pirates in the standings.

kip wells pitched well for the first time in a while. izzy helped wells get his win by securing the game and getting the saves.

its seems like things are turning around a bit.

the offense is getting more timely hits with runner in scoring position, the bullpen is still solid most nights and the starting pitchers are starting to turn it around.

hopefully, it goes the same for our main man, the rainman, anthony reyes tonight.

mr. reyes is 0-7, thats right, no wins yet. well lets hope he collects his first win against the nationals. if anthony cant beat the nationals, then he cant beat anyone!

 even with this 3 game winning streak, the cards are still 6 games below .500 and 19-25. they are now in 4th place in the central, 7.5 games behind the beermen and only a half game behind the cubs and 1.5 games behind houston.

man, this division is bad. think about it, the cards are this bad more than 25% through the season and they still got a shot to win this division. thats why its called the comedy central.

if the cards are going to make some noise, its now or never because the cards are going to play washington, colorado, houston and cincinatti; all teams with records below .500. so, if they got a run in them to get their record even, is better come in the next two weeks or its never going to happen.

lets do it boys, go get those nats; Go Cards!

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