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reyes sent down; cards lose series to nats

May 28, 2007

reyes, why did they do this to you? 

the cards had a bad weekend, losing two of three to the last pace, but surging washington nationals.

they got hammered yesterday, 7-2. this occured even though wainwright pitched rather effectively and came back strong after a one hour rain delay.

the only damage he allowed was on a hanging slider to that fat ogre of a ss/2b, belliard, who hit a two run shot.

then, springer and flores came and let the nats have their fun. springer clearly did not have his stuff, but he should of stayed out their, gathered himself and at least gotten an out or two.

but no, tlr had to go to ro-flo. it was obvious he did not have his stuff. in my opinion, because of overuse; the guy has been pitching a lot.

he wasnt spoting his pitches very well but freaking gasolina kept wanting it down and away or down and in at exact spots and he couldnt hit them.

it drove me up the wall when molina and flores pitched the catcher, flores, who is a rule 5 draft pick out of single A like he was albert pujols. just throw him a freaking fastball down the middle and see what he can do with it.

the next batter, langerhans, who was hitting around .140 for the season got a hanging slider/curve that was meant for the outside corner and smashed it to deep centerfield for a grandslam.

thats what happens when you nibble and try to hit the corner always, you make a mistake and get crushed.

now, to the second issue. the cards stupidly sent down reyes to triple A. they called up lhp troy cate.

i think that was the stupidest move they could have made. sure, it might sound good because you would think they sent him down to get some confidence and work on his mechanics, but nooo!

dunc and tlr already messed him up by not allowing him, telling him to throw less fastballs and more sinkers/offspeed pitches especially with runners on and he does it and keeps getting crushed.

the only reason he as sent down is to try and find his sinker and use it. i dont think he can.

reyes is going to pitch the way he used to and dominate like he did before and be called up and dunc will tell him to stop throwing the 4-seamer and the whole thing will began all over again.

this stupid battle is like a freaking cycle. why the hell did you draft a strikeout pitcher if you want him to stop missing bats and pitch to contact? just draft a freaking sinkerballer then, sheesh.

thats enough of that, on to the next subject.

the cards go on a road trip to colorado and houston. first up, it the rox.

game 1: kip wells vs. jeff francis (another lefty, brace yourself)

game 2: braden looper vs. rodrigo lopez

game 3: tod wellemeyer (gasp!) vs. jason hirsh

game 4: brad thompson vs. aaron cook

did i mention that wellemeyer is now a starter. yes, dunc thinks just because looper has miracously turned into a good starter that he can turn wellemeyer into one? hey, can ducan walk on water now?

and yes, after yesterday’s collision with big D, dmitri young, rolen is injured. its said that he has a mild concussion and might not play in the game today. hold your breath because we know what might happen when rolen collides with a huge 1st baseman. i had horrible flashback of the cheo and rolen collision.

good thing this one was not of the shoulder type. lets hope its blows over without any significant side effects.

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