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the cards win A game!

May 31, 2007

jimmy baseball hits a solo blast off of jason hirsh 

yes boys and girls, our cards will not be swept in colorado!

thats right, the offense came to life yesterday. it was like de ja vu out of 2004; the mv3 or pujols, rolen and edmonds where back at least for yesterday’s game.

albert went 2 for 4 including a three run homer as one of those hits. both scotty and jimmy had multihit games also.

jimmy went 3 for 5 with a solo homer, a triple and single. scotty went 2 for 5 with a double and two rbis.

good to see the middle of the lineup hitting. wellemeyer was not great, but acceptable.

todd pitched the way anthony reyes wants to pitch and should pitch. he threw mostly fastballs up in the zone and did not have that much control, but he got the job done.

wellemeyer throws a bit harder than reyes, but does not have nearly the control that reyes does. that really ticks me off though.

why doesnt duncan let reyes throw mostly fastball and let him mix in his change and curve to set up the 4 seamer but allows wellemeyer to use his 4 seamer and set it up with the slider? it does not make any since.

oh well. thats dunc and tlr for you, lets hope reyes comes back soon and pitches the way he wants to.

now to the bad news. chris duncan is day to day with a knee infection. molina will be out for 4 to 6 weeks with a fractured bone in his hand or something; a hand injury if you will. so he was placed on the dl and espesito was called up from the triple A club to take his spot. he was the backup catcher at that level. the primary catcher did not get the call because he had just come off of the dl and they wanted to get him back into game shape i think.

looks like we will be getting a heavy dose of G-Ben from now on.

lets go cards! at least split the 4 game series with the rox.

tonight, its brad “babyface” thompson vs. aaron cook

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