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The Reyes Controversy and Other Ramblings

June 5, 2007


So, it turns out that Reyes is having lots of success so far in triple A Memphis. He allowed only one earned run in 7 innings of work and gave up only three hits. Now granted, this is triple A, but still this is rather impressive to me.

Also, guess what, from what I have learned from an interview on the radio with the pitching coach of Triple A Memphis done by Kevin Slaten (590 The Fan), he threw all four seamers. When the man sticks to what he does best, he is successful and why don’t the Cardinals just let him throw the four seamer that he loves? I really don’t have an answer to that question, all I know is that Tony is very stubborn when it comes to certain players (John Rodriguez and now Anthony Reyes). He doesn’t seem to like youth at all on his ballclub, “Veterans, veterans, that is the way to go” is the mentality that seems to come across when it comes to La Russa. Just look at Kip Wells, I don’t even want to watch the game he pitches against the Angels, head for cover folks because there is a forecast for lots of runs early and your beloved Cardinals may get smashed badly.

I am optimistic about this series against the Cincinnati Reds who are really down in the dumps right now. I have Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey Jr. on my fantasy team and I am looking to gain some ground in my league if you know what I mean. Watch out for them because they are fastball hitters and if his last start is any indication on how Wellemeyer approaches his opponents, we might see some fireworks go off of the bats of these two hitters.

Probable pitchers for the series vs. Cincinnati:

Harang (very underrated starter) vs. Wellemeyer

Arroyo vs. Thompson (bright spot in the rotation lateley pitching very well)

Lohse (coming off a very good start) vs. Wainwright (if you remember was exceptional when pitching to the Astros)

Anyway enjoy the series,


 [Cards4life(my brother) is taking some time off ]

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