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CARDS Vs. ATHLETICS, See you later Kip Wells (Hopefully)

June 15, 2007


First of all, this team is horrible, horrendous, and just plain bad. Just felt that I needed to get that off of my chest here. How do you lose 2 out of 3 against the Royals out of all people, well the Cardinals seem to be inventive by finding different ways to lose games. During the first few weeks, they lost because of the lack of timely hitting or hitting at all was nonexistant. Now, all starting pitching seems to have gone down the drain and we are relying on all relief pitchers to do jobs they obviously don’t seem to be able to do. The only bright spot in the last couple of weeks in terms of starting pitching is Adam Wainwright, he seems to have found his stuff and has pitched well.

Now, not to go off on a tangent but Tony, is really making me furious. He tries to save the Kipper by taking him out real fast and this putts the bullpen in an awkward situation. Anyway, when Flores came in, I was hoping the runners on base score so that Kip’s ERA can reach 7, but it only got to 6.93. The bullpen just blew up after that. I seriously don’t know what Jimenez is doing up here, when Falkenbourg should be the one to get a chance. After 19 appearances, his ERA is 9.93, for God’s sake please realieve us of our suffereing and get rid of him!

Hopefully, that is the last that we have seen of the Kipper and Anthony will be called up and allowed to pitch the way he wants.

Now, about this athletics series, seriously, I think that there is a good chance they might get swept unless they get lucky.

Probable Starters:

Haren (best pitcher in baseball right now) Vs. Looper

Wellemeyer Vs. DiNardo (another pitcher with below 2 ERA)

Thompson (If you allow 8 earned runs vs the Royals, do you deserve to be in the Majors?) Vs. Kennedy

If ther is one game I see us winning, its the second one, when Wellemeyer pitches. The team seems to score a lot behind him. When you are relying on Wellemeyer to be your best shot for winning a game, you have to question if this team is going anywhere. Hopefully I am wrong and they pull out another win out of their hats. How good is that Mulder trade going now folks? If you remember he was the only solid reliever in the bullpen during the postseason when we got to the world series and got our butts kicked by the Red Sox. I told my brother that this guy is special, but hindsight is always 20/20 I guess.

Talk to you later: REDBIRDFAN  

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