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Kip Wells Stays……….Another I-70 Series

June 19, 2007

 Albert strikes out Vs. Odalis Perez

 So, if you hadn’t heard the news, the Kipper will stay on the team and some moves have been made:

Jim Edmons on 15 day DL

Braden Looper on 15 day DL

Troy Cate called up

Skip Shumaker called up

I am fine with all the moves, but it seems unfair that Jimmy didn’t even know he’s going to be put on the DL. Anyway check out this unbeleivable play by Jimmy to get you excited on how good he is when healthy. All I know is that anyone from AAA Memphis is better than the Kipper, I mean I’d rather Ian Kinsler become one of our starters please just let Kip go.

I forgot, Spezio pitched! I couldn’t believe my eyes, that was one of the funniest moments of this year and the sad part is that was the only scoreless inning posted by the cardinals that day. If you want to relive Spezio’s pitching debut, click here.

Onto the present…..this series, the Cards play the Royals who they can’t seem to beat all of a sudden. My god, Encarnacion came up to bat twice yesterday, but didn’t deliver once, so much for his hitting streak: all of his hits during that streak have been useless. Also, if you missed it, Albert was walked intentionally twice and struck out against Perez (the world is coming to an end I tell you). Wainwright was pretty bad, how do you not contain a ballclub that can’t win a series in the American League. Seriously, I think that if the Royals were in the Nationals League, they would contend every year.

Now for the remaining two games:

Elarton 2-2, 8.54     Vs.    Here it comes……   Wells 2-11, 6.93      (this is going to be a high scoring game)

Gil Meche, RHP (4-6, 3.00)  (has been doing unexpectedly well)   Vs.        Brad Thompson, RHP (4-2, 5.28)

Hopefully we will win the Wells game if he doesn’t give up 20 runs and I beleive we will lose the second. I mean if Menche has posted a 3.00 ERA against the American leageu think of what he’ll do to the Cardinals.

Talk to you later: Redbirdfan  

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