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Cardinals take on Reds and Ken Griffey Jr.

June 29, 2007


 [Update- Sat June 30, 2007]—> Apparently, Cards starter for the saturday game will be Adam Wainwright and some starting pitching changes have been made so here are the rest of the starters for this series:

Wainwright 6-6, 4.58     vs.       Lohse 3-10, 5.02  

Mike Maroth, LHP (5-2, 4.73)          vs.         Homer Bailey, RHP (2-1, 6.41)

That is all, have a great weekend……  

So, Griffey passes McGwire on the alltime Hr list which is great. Now Griffey has 584 Hrs and think of how many he would have if he doesn’t get injured as often as he has over his career. Good thing I have him on my fantasy league. Anyway, I’m in love with his swing because its so natural to me yet so simple. Oh the drama that is created when someone on your fantasy team faces the team you root for. Do you want the pitcher to strike him out in the bottom of the ninth or do you want him to hit a Hr and put you in the #1 spot in your fantasy leage, I don’t know, you decide.Okay, hopefully the Cards can sweep the Reds because they were nearly swept by the Mariners and the Phillies are putting on a batting show during their last series. Hopefully, their bats will be quiet during this weekend series and our starting pitching can continue to do well. If we get in a slugfest with them, look for the Cardinals to loose because everyone seems to be in a slump on our team. Albert seems to be in a Hr slump because the last time he hit one was on June 14th vs the KC Royals. Well what can we expect, all of these teams have gotten smart, no one around albert can hit and to prove this check this stat out, Pujols has walked at least once since June 20th. This shows the lack of hitters to protect Pujols in the lineup, Encarnacion and Rolen have not burned the pitcher when he walks Albert and look for him to keep walking in abundance at least until Jim Edmonds comes back.Now, the Cards face the Reds during this series and these are the pitchers:

Thompson  6-3, 5.04           vs.            Arroyo 2-9, 5.14

Mike Maroth, LHP (5-2, 4.73)           vs.          Kyle Lohse, RHP (3-10, 5.02)

Todd Wellemeyer, RHP (2-1, 6.04)          vs.        Homer Bailey, RHP (2-1, 6.41)

Man, I guess that Reds pitching has been as bad as Cardinals pitching. I have never seen so many pitchers facing off with ERAs of 5 or above. The only starting pitcher that will pitch with an ERA less than 5 is Mike Maroth. Hopefully, the Cardinals will take at least 2 out of the 3 from the Reds and Pujols will get back on track.

Talk to you later: Redbirdfan


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  1. July 3, 2007 10:32 pm

    I like Griffey. The man has played without generating much negativity throughout his career (that I remember), and has gone through injuries. His body is pretty much the same, lending credibility that he has done it through normal means. His head size didn’t jump in sizes (think Bonds) as he aged. I hope Griffey stays completely healthy until retirement and has some great years ahead.

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