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Mets series and trade talks

June 29, 2007


So, the Cardinals take on game of the three they were able to play due to the heroics of Brendan Ryan. Izzie blew up a save which was different because it has not happened in some time. Its hard to believe but your closer has been one of the best in baseball. Lots of credit should go to Green who was down 0-2 in the count, but worked the count and was able to walk.

Now, another loss to a soft tossing leftie- Tom Glavine who has been demolished during his previous couple of starts. The Cardinals seem to never be able to hit him (remember last year during the playoffs). Anyway, all of our starting pitching was great, are things turning around, well ask me that question in a month and we’ll know. Also, Maroth was very good during his Cardinal pitching debut, and I sense he is currently our best pitcher. Wellemeyer did well and Reyes only made one mistake to David Wright and got burned.

                                  R          H

Maroth                       2           3

Wellemeyer               3           6

Reyes                        2           2

WOW, only allowing 7 runs on  11 hits for the New York Mets is very good, but Can the starting pitching keep this up, well we’ll see during the weekend series vs. the Reds. I am really looking forward to Maroth’s next start because of what he showed me against the Mets. Also, Reyes showed signs of coming back to earth by only 2 hits. Don’t forget, the only hit allowed by Glavine over 6 innings was 1 and it was hit by Scott Rolen by all people.

Now, I don’t think that the Cardinals will trade for Buehrle, but would like to be wrong about this. He doesn’t seem to care about the White Sox and he is currently one of their best pitcher right now. I think they’ll lock him up for a long time. My brother tells me that they’ll give him an extension so that others don’t have to and he’ll become an even hotter commodity, which may be true. 

Preview for Reds series coming up……:Redbirdfan

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