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Its do or die time for the cards…

July 25, 2007

the wagonmakervs.ted lilly

hey, so long time no post? i’ve been very busy the last couple of months; nothing special, just some things that are going to determine my career path and the rest of my life.

so, since i’ve been gone, not much has happened standings wise. the cards are still in 3rd place and are now 9 back of the brew crew and 6 back of the cubbies.

carp had tommy john surgery yesterday, wellemeyer went on the dl and so did tyler johnson; jimmy baseball is back off of the dl and so is yadier molina. what going on, are we playing dl musical chair?

one guy comes off then another goes on the dl. no worries, the season is basically over.

so, the cards and kipster lost game one of a crucial three game series to big z and the cubs. the kipster didnt even pitch that bad. today, its the wagonmaker (the only good starter we got) vs. ted lilly, a lefty so watch out. you can almost predict that jimmy edmonds will be out of the lineup today.

thursday, its braden looper vs. jason marquis/bipolar betty?

the weekend series is against the division leading Milwaukee brewers (still weird to say isnt it?)

1. claudio vargas vs. mike maroth (friday)

2. manny para vs. brad thompson-day game, chris capuano (lefty) vs. ….. the rainman…anthony reyes-night game (saturday)

3. yovani gallardo vs. kip wells

well, there you go boys and girls, those are the matchups for the most crucial 6 games left this season; do with them what you will.


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