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still in this thing

August 28, 2007

wainer tosses good game against braves 

yep, you guessed it. the cards are some how still in the thing we call the nl central and they are still in the race for division champs and a spot in the playoffs.

 i cant beleive it but its true. our cards are only 2 games back of the first place cubs and 1/2 game back of the brew crew.

after all the things this team has been through; the dui, the death of john hancock, the horrible pitching and the absence of the offense. they got a shot.

well, at least september should be an interesting month, at least the first couple of weeks. they can still go on a loosing streak and get buries but thats not like the 2007 cardinals.

the cards finally looked like a good team when they took two games out of three from atlanta, beating one of the two aces, tim hudson. then, sunday, they beat jojo reyes; the lefty.

now, its on to houston where the manager and the gm have both gotten fired after getting a verbal committment/approval from the owner around the allstar break if i remember correctly.

also this week, the brew crew will play the cubbies which means if the cards take care of business, they will gain ground on one of the teams that is ahead of them.

lets go boys, keep this season entertaining at least for a while longer.

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