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Labor Day Game Play

August 31, 2007

scotty possibly out for the rest of the season 

so, that was not a very good series by the cards. just when you think these guys have finally turned it around and might actually push they go back to their former selves; being mediocre.

it all starts and ends with the starting pitching; once that hole was dug by the kipster the other night, there was not turning back.

the offense has come back several times from larger deficits, but it cant do it every night.

so, albers, a rookie (i think), pitched his second gem; a great game agains the cards. he went 7 innings i believe, in the first game he also went at least 7 innings and pitched very well also. so, the cards lose their 2nd straight. the cards were in the driver’s seat after they beat up on the astros 7-0 but they were on the other end of that score the night after.

rolen’s shoulder is bothering him again, and now he is concerned that it might effect his total body mechanics and throw something else out of wack; so he does not want to hurt anything else.

its this freaking medical staff and dr. paletta, this guy needs to be fired. he basically has taken 3 years out of rolen’s potential hall of fame career. last year was good, but it was subpar to rolen’s standards sandwiched between two bad years with almost no power.

so, scotty might be out for the year. im guessing he will need another surgery on that shoulder, and it should be sooner than later. shut him down now and get him right so hopefully he comes back next year to be a little more productive with bat, especially power wise. im guessing brendan ryan will get some time along with miguel cairo once he gets to the bigs via september roster expansions.

next up, the labor day series. cards will be hosting the red legs starting friday night:

game 1; reyes vs. tom shearn

game 2; wainwright vs. dumatrait (a lefty)

game 3; looper vs. arroyo

final words: enjoy the holiday weekend and stay safe everyone.

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