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mulder shelled in first game back

September 6, 2007

so…….that was not good. in fact, that was pretty awful.

“frosted tips” muldoo teased everyone with a pretty good 9 pitch first inning and then it all went to hell after that.

what happened? well, he realized that this was his first game in the majors in more than a year. muldoo had not pitched  before last night since august 29, 2006.

so, the buccos hit him pretty hard. guess what? both the cubbies and the beermen won. now, the cards are 2 games back of the cubs and 1.5 back of the brewers.

its not over yet my friends. mike maroth gets his shot at a starting gig again. wow. so, reyes was taken out of the rotation for maroth? you’ve got to be kidding me, if reyes was bad then maroth is 100x worse. the guy is horrible.

so, the cards are counting on mulder and maroth to be the saviors and starting their top two starters (wainwright and looper) every 6th game. thats seems like a very stupid move.

i my calculations are correct, with the 6 man rotation, wainwright is not slated to pitch ANY of the 5 games against the cubs coming up. that is outright stupidity if it actually happens.

that is all of the day, time for micro and micro lab. hope for a rain delay all day.

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