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In it or out of it?

September 11, 2007

one can never say that these redbirds are deadbirds ’cause they keep proving everyone wrong for a short time span just to get back in the race and then stumble again and fall back.

now, the birds are on a four game losing streak and there is no indication that it will stop tonight either.

last weekend, the cards should have one at least 2 out of 3 games from arizona if not sweep. the bullpen was horrible and gave away all three games.

last night, the offense was shut down by a lefty, as ted lilly notched his 15th win of the season. the only runs scored by the cards was jimmy baseball’s solo shot the other way and so taguchi’s 2 run homer.

joel pineiro was aweful, in probably his worst cardinal start. i did not like the deal in the beginning, but joel has pitched pretty well until last night. ultimately, the cubbies had a hit parade against cardinal pitching and collected 17 hits and 12 runs and won easily 12 to 3.

guess what, you can add another injury to the really long list of injuries for this season; chris duncan may be out for the rest of the season and will probably have to have surgery for a sports hernia.

now, i dont even want this team to make the playoffs. these guys seem like they need an extra month of with all the walking wounded including pujols and edmonds.

even now, the cards can still win the division being 3 games back of the cubs and brewers and 69-72, three games below .500.

the birds have three games against cincy and then they come back home for an eleven game homestand which includes a four game series against the cubbies which is probably the most important series of the whole season. well, at least until they go on the road starting monday and play three games in milwaukee.

lets focus on tonight, its mark muldoo vs. belisle

not a great thing for muldoo to be facing dunn, griffey and hamilton in his second start of the season. my prediction is that he gets pounded tonight and the losing streak goes to 5 games, but i hope he proves me wrong.

 about slick rick, i believe he did do hgh and he should say so. he did not even make a clear statement and almost everything out of his mouth was pretty vague. jocketty was even worse, backpedaling faster than a dback covering steve smith. even if ank stopped recieving hgh when it got banned, how do we know that he is not using it now? there is no test for it so he could still be on this stuff. just my two cents.

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  1. November 5, 2007 12:15 pm

    i think that cardinals wll win!

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