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The redbirds are deadbirds

September 14, 2007

its almost over boys and girls!

yes, the agony that has been the 2007 regular season is almost over. the cubbies come into town to finish the job.

now, the cubs are 5 games ahead of the cards and a 1/2 game ahead of the brewers. they have their feet at the cardinals throats and now its just time to end it and be done with this season.

i want the agony to stop already. i kind of did tell you that all that being one game out of first was just a tease and not to buy into it; turns out i was right, at least so far.

lets shut eerrr down!

by the way, check out my left sidebar; at the bottom of it, i added the “vodpod” widget with some nice vids from past seasons that maybe help you forget about the 2007 season. try it out now because these videos will probably be gone/taken off in a week or so.

thats it, have a nice week end. and if your in the lou, get out to forest park and enjoy the balloon race.

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