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Its time to…

September 21, 2007

 pujols hurt, probably done for the year 

… shut it down. thats right, the cards miserable 2007 regular season is almost over. sure, they are not “mathematically” eliminated but come on.

just two weeks ago this team was three good innings from tying for first place in the craptastic division we call the nl central.

the air came out of the balloon that weekend, against the snakes. they should have won at least two out of three if not sweep the d’backs, but they got swept themselves.

so, here we are. i have a question on my mind that i would like to ask; is it too early to talk about free agents and hot stove league?

the time will come, i’ll try to keep the couple of readers who still come back here every now and then up to date on important free agent moves in baseball and specifically in the nl central and those dealing with the cards.

have you heard the recent news? more injuries…whats new. its like everything that could go wrong did go wrong this season.

  • pujols is having cramps and leg pains, probably that plantir faciatis acting up again also
  • jimmy edmonds has a sore groin, and he must have been really hurting because he was not even used in a pinch hitting role in that 14 inning lose to the phils.
  • mark muldoo will need another surgery. turns out his labrum is fully healed but his rotator cuff is still partailly torn. he is supposed to be ready for the beginning of next season and i’ll believe that when i see it with my own eyes.
  • chris duncan had a surgery to take care of his sports hernia, and is out for the rest of the season.
  • and many other things that i might have missed or still might happen…

actually, i personally think its a good thing they wont make the post season because they would only embarass themselves. the stars are beatup and the rotation is just horrible accept for wainwright. the bullpen was pretty good for a while but is now mediocre if not horrible at times.

let me get off my soapbox, have a nice weekend!

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  1. September 26, 2007 8:52 pm

    It could be worse. I mean, well, surely…..

    OK, at least they aren’t last! That’s about all I’ve got.

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