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One more series

September 28, 2007


finally, this nightmarish season is about to end….with three meaningless games at pnc park.

as i stated in my previous post a week ago (sorry i havent posted since then; a genetics exam and a microbiology exam will do that to a person), everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong.

at least pujols is getting some personal achievements realized during this final stretch. he got his 7th straight 100 rbi season, he is the first player in mlb history to do that (along with hitting at least 30 homeruns seven straight seasons). to more big milestones wait him; he has 98 walks and 97 runs scored.

that walk total is a career high for him and it would be nice to see him get to 100. its also a result of a bad offense; that is, no protection around him so teams did not have to pitch to him as much this season. i think he can get two walks in three games.

now the runs scored, i dont know about. i hope he can get it done but he has a calf strain among other things. he can still do it because its pnc park and pujols numbers are out of this world at pnc.

last night was fun wasnt it? getting to sting the pond scum two years in a row. the win didnt matter to the cards, but it sure did to the mets. they had a 6 game lead with 15 games to play (i think; correct me if im wrong) and they go ahead and blow it. they are now tied with the phillies atop the nl east. one also has to give a lot of credit to the phils for climbing back into this thing.

the central is a different animal. if the brewers had swept the cards and then beat san diego yesterday, they would be tied for first in the central because the cubs just cant beat the marlins. they have lost 10 straight games to the marlins, which is pretty horrible.  the cubs magic number still went down to 2 games with three games left for both teams to play.

this october i will be just a general, mostly objective baseball fan with no team to root for. that should be a good change from seasons past when the cards made the playoffs. its nice for me personally to not have that emotional attachment and go through another roller coaster ride and just watch playoff baseball.

i really like this phillies team. if they get into the playoffs, watch out. their offense is the best in the nl with rollins, utley, howard, rowand and burrell. they also got hamels and the ageless wonder jamie moyer. their only possible flaw is their bullpen.

enjoy the last weekend of regular season baseball and let the postseason begin!

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  1. September 30, 2007 2:58 am

    It will be a less stressful October, that’s for sure.

    My wife’s team is the Indians, so we’ll probably follow them. If the Padres get in, I’ll probably keep an eye on them as well.

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