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What a game!

October 2, 2007

holliday comes in to score winning run (AP Photo/Will Powers)

if that game last night was any indication of how the playoffs will be this year, then its going to be a great october. man, what a game!

I watched most of the game and it was a very fierce battle between two teams that really wanted it. i mean, this thing was back and forth between both teams.

I was rooting for the rockies because i had gotten sick of the padres going to the playoffs and losing in the first round (not doing anything in the playoffs) which is the cards fault because we beat them every year.

also, the rox have been playing great baseball the last 3 weeks. they deserved it.  it was just great baseball. also, last night’s game is one reason why instant replay should be instituted into baseball.

the atkins hit was called a double but it could have easily been called a homer, a replay would have potentially cleared that issue. also, that mat holliday slide in the bottom of the 13th, i dont really think he touched home plate. also, the umpire did not call it right away which gave me the impression that he was just waiting for barrett to find the ball and then tag holliday to call him out. what actually happened was different; when barrett found the ball, holliday was called safe. this umpire had a contreversial strike zone all day and if i were a padres player i would have wanted that play to be reviewed if instant replay was available. game ended with the rockies beating the padres, 9 to 8 in 13 innings.

playoff predictions: phillies over the rockies, diamondback over the cubs, phillies beat the snakes to advance to the world series. yankees over the indians, redsox over the angels, yankees over the redsox. world series matchup would be phillies vs. yankees. now, i reserve the right not to predict the 2007 champion. all do it next week because i need to get a feel for these teams.

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  1. October 3, 2007 2:19 am

    Awesome game. One for Classic TV soon.

    Personally, I am glad the Rockies won.

    Cubs…no way do I want them to score a run in the postseason.

    I went to and got registered. I love to irritate the cub fans!

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