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Brain Trust shakeup

October 5, 2007

good ol' walt will be missed 

If you have been under a rock or in a cave and have not heard it yet, walt jocketty is out as cards gm. he was fired and bernie said that it was like a “mutual” firing. he was not happy with the organization and had a rift with jeff lunhow, the minor leagues head guy.

dewitt said that there was a “rift” and it affected the way the organization was run so he had to let walt go. just remember, a week ago he was talking about spending 11-115 million which a raise in team payroll from 90-100 million.

so, all of that was just lip service to quite the fans and critics down. he seems to be all talk and no walk. he knew he was going to fire jocketty and that payroll raise was never going to happen.

i mean, if you are rebuilding whats the point of raising payroll and “wasting” money if you are not going to be competitive. can a team be competitive and rebuild at the same time? i guess we will find out when we see the 2008 cardinals.

im also somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. i think dewitt also wanted to get rid of tony, so he axed walt. he knows that those two guys are unseperable and that walt was tony’s biggest supporter.

but, he cant get rid of tony directly because he is a hall of fame manager and he just won a world series not too long ago. plus, he does not want to sound like a hypecrite because he said tony will be the one that makes the decision on whether to come back and manage or not to come back.

so, this is a perfect way to get rid of tony indirectly. personally, i think that this has been a golden era of cardinals baseball but every era must end. even the roman empire fell, so this must occur to.

this transition can be minimally painful by doing it the right way (like the braves, indians, etc.). the drafting has to be right on and so are the trades and the free agent signings.

if tony comes back, he will be in “win now” mode and does not have time for this team to rebuild, but he would try and retool the team.

so, im assuming that tony will be gone. who will be the gm and who will be the manager? good question. i really dont know but it better be the right people because if they are not right for the job it might take this team a while (a lot longer period than usual) to rebuild this team and get back to playing for another ring.

i would like to see jose oquendo, the secret weapon, take the helm as manager. after all, he has been called the predecessor to tony. i think if he doesnt at least get a shot at it, the latin players will be mad, especially albert. he seems to have a strong relationship with jose and i think it would be wise to employ a manager that makes your star player happy.

GM? dont know. of course, if tony is gone, dave duncan will likely be gone as well. this might mean that anthony reyes might be kept instead of traded. c-dunc might be traded.

all of this might lead to a large cascade of things that might happen this offseason that might make this team look totally different next season.


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