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The hiatus is over; pineiro, izzy and springer back for 2008 season

October 16, 2007


first off, sorry about the week or so abscence. my abscences have become more and more frequent but mark my words I will try my best to update this blog and i will not stop blogging, or try as hard as i can not too. writing a thirty page lab report does that to me; and having two midterms on the same day also takes up a lot of my time.

now, enough about me. free agency has not even started yet but the cards have already made some moves. they resigned pineiro, picked up izzy’s option and resigned springer.

izzy’s 8 million dollar option was picked up last season. I totally agree with that move. without him, the bullpen would have probably been in shambles. chris perez needs another year in the minors to refine his control because his walk rate is simply to high. izzy can act as a bridge for at least a year; just like the situation with edmonds and rasmus.

the springer signing i did not really like. he got a one year deal for 1.25 million last season and he did pretty good this season. this time around, he signed a one year deal worth 3.75 million dollars. i think that is too much to pay a 6th maybe 7th inning guy. i mean, the guy was considering retirement. he is 39/40 years old. sure, he had a great year this year, but it was out of career norms. you dont get better with age,  you either perform at the same level or get worst. i maintain that last season (2007) was an outlier year on a standard deviation graph. it just does not add up. good for him for being able to collect the money, but he probably should not have gotten more than 2-2.25 million. neverthless, it solidifies the bullpen by having the 7th, 8th and 9th inning guys locked up for next season.

now, joel. when i first heard the news i was really indifferent. joel is a mediocre 4/5th starter, he can be average. sure he had a 3.94 era with the cards in 11 starts but that is a very small sample size. joel’s last relatively good year was 2004 with seattle when he had a 4.67 era in 140.2 innings pitched. he got a two year deal for 13 million which is really not that bad. i guess he fills the 4th starter role. now 3/5th of the rotation is set for next season (2-4 are locked in). the thing the cards need from joel is to keep his era below 5 and be an innings eater; gobble up around 200 innins. so, not bad overall.

the rockies are going to the world series after sweeping the d’backs. this team is hot and lucky, like the cards last year. i would really not be shocked if they beat whoever that comes out of the american league to win the whole shibang.

thats all for now.

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  1. October 16, 2007 1:24 pm

    I’m pretty much with you, though I’m much more down on the Pineiro signing. That’s just not something this team needs right now. They’ve got to get fresher, more original, rather than a carbon copy of last year.

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