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Manager set for ’08, GM should be announced soon

October 25, 2007

so, if you have not heard, TLR will be back for at least two more years.

good news, bad news, indifferent……….meh.

i really dont have a on sided argument for this. sure, tony has been great over the last decade: 7 playoff appearances, 2 nl pennant and the cardinals 10th championship.

the problem is i think things have gotten stale. the veterans are declining and larussa is not willing to rebuild/play the young kids unless he really has to or because of an exception.

for example, pujols would have never played an inning or gotten an at bat if it wasnt for bobby bonilla getting injured. well, you say that tony played rick the great and chris duncan? well, he had a prior relationship with ankiel and i think he felt obligated to play him. he probably still believes that he might have broken one of the most heralded lefthanded starters since sandy koufax. now duncan; the cards drafted him and he is the pitching coach’s son so he had an inside track to the manager; that is, he probably built a relationship with him prior to being called up to the bigs.

tony has mishandled many farm hands including the most infamous: anthony reyes, brendan ryan (he mishandled him this season and probably will next season also) and who could forget john gall. what did gall do, kill a dog or something?

 Dewitt has made a statement that a new GM by the end of the world series which can mean relatively soon. the rockies got rocked in the first game and lost 13-1. this series by be a repeat of 2004 and the rox might get swept by the sox. if so, that gives dewitt 5-6 days before he has to announce the new GM of the cards. word around the blogosphere is that its antonetti, the assistant general manager of the cleveland indians.

thats it for now, enjoy the up coming weekend.

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  1. October 26, 2007 2:25 pm

    I was with you on the stale feeling out of the front office. And if Mozeliak gets the GM job–I don’t think he will–I’d still agree. I think getting a young GM with a different outlook can revitalize not only the organization but Tony as well.

    2008 could be a real fun year, at least off the field.

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