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Its gonna be MO

November 2, 2007

actually, it is Mo, or john mozeliak; the cardinals new general manager.

yes, not antonetti, but Mo. complicated situation.

dewitt and lamping say that chris antonetti was the front runner but they did not offer him the job, others say that antonetti pulled himself out of the race and still others say he was offered the job but did not take it.

nothing personal against Mo, but this is not a great hire. i guess only time will tell. if your going to make a splash and move forward with this organization, it would have been nice to get some new blood in here.

if dewitt and lamping did not offer the job to CA, then im very disappointed and disillusioned. that means this whole thing was a big scam, a dog and pony show if you will. what the hell? we waited for a month just for the interm gm to be named the gm, so he was going to get the job all along and this is just a formality? im a big conspiracy theorist and this is my theory; it holds up if it is true and they did not offer him the job.

now, some say that he declined the job because of tony having some gm powers and lunhow having control of the minor leagues leaving CA with a ristricted role as a gm. i can see that. this i can accept as a reason for hiring mozeliak. its understandable.

Lboros at VEB mentioned that the rumblings were that he got a pay raise at cleveland and possibly a promise that he will be the next gm of the indians when shapiro becomes the president of that team. i can accept the decision of choosing mo if this was the case too.

im still very skeptical though. to me, this was all just a big show to comfort the fans and the media and say “see, we did what you want; we searched and the guy that was best qualified was here all along”. it seems to be just like when the cards claim to have gone for big name free agents and lose out at the last second to other teams, at times losing their own big free agents (examples: aj burnett and edgar renteria).

as i stated earlier, only time will tell. so lets give mo some time and see what he got.

in other news: eckstien, percival, cairo, wells and branyan all filed for free agency. the only guy im interested in bringing back is percival. he seemed to have a lot of his stuff back. his fast ball was clocked consistantly at 94-95 mph and his other pitches were pretty good with good location.

i just hope mo does shoot himself in the foot and sign eckstien to a multiyear deal. i can stand a one year deal for 3-5 million. anything more would be a waste of money and a roster spot for ’09. i actually would prefer brendan ryan get a shot to start. the kid has a very good glove, he has very good range and a pretty strong arm. thats not going to happen though with tony back at the helm.

lastly this friday, as i was writing the title, it reminded me of the glory days of N’sync and that one song, “its gonna be me”. enjoy:]

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